Advice Service and Policy Reviews

“I think an employee has a mental health condition. What should I do?”

“What adjustments should I make for a customer who has autism?”

“Our building is listed and is not accessible. How can we welcome disabled customers?”

These are just some of the questions that have been answered by our Advice Service. This service is free and confidential and available only to BDF members and partners. Our Advice Service will really take the time to understand your question and will work with you to identify the best solution to your problem. We can also bring our members and partners together to share best practice on specific topics.


Our Advice Service can be reached by telephone, email, fax or textphone:

In addition to dealing with ad hoc queries, the Advice Service is also able to review up to three Members’ and Partners’ disability-related policies (we can undertake more but there will be a charge). The policy review service involves one of our expert consultants spending a full day reviewing your policy, checking for any legal or reputational risks, highlighting gaps, and making recommendations for best practice improvement. You will receive tracked changes and comments on your original document plus a report summarising the key issues regarding the policy.

We need to plan  the time to work on the policy review and will arrange a return date with you, usually four weeks.